In the pharmacovigilance arena simply good is simply not good enough.

Patients deserve more. Companies in the biopharmaceutical industry can easily find themselves overwhelmed by procedures and systems, which can be very complex. In the framework of regulations, guidance, as well as infrastructure and company philosophy around medicinal safety we at Kyron always focus on answering the question:

What does it mean?

What does drug safety mean to your company? What is the medical message that the available data indicate? Most importantly however what do all these mean to the patients?

This approach to drug safety has helped companies in the US and internationally to build or perfect their drug safety operations, processes and pharmacovigilance strategies to optimize the safety profile of their medicinal products.

Hereby we offer the same proven pragmatic, tactical and strategic solutions to you.

As a result your systems come alive, the safety data become clearer, more meaningful, and your safety related decisions would become more scientifically, medically, and operationally sound. Since your knowledge and understanding of risks increases your ability to mitigate and communicate them will increase as well. Although all risks cannot be fully eliminated you shall see how the benefit risk balance of your products will tip positively. Regulators and Health Care Providers will detect this and will consider it as a clear indication of your commitment to the safety of your patients.

This of course will also be sensed by the patients who will feel confident and comfortable knowing that the safety profile of the medicinal products they take is as well known and transparent as it could be.

And this in turn will position your company as a leader on the field.

Patient safety first.