About Kyron : The Company

The founder of the company is Marta Masjoni, MD who brings to Kyron more than 25 years of unique expertise in many aspects of Pharmacovigilance, Medical Safety and Risk Management across all phases of drug development. She is highly skilled in advanced medical theories and practices as applied to the collection and evaluation of medicinal product safety data.

Prior to founding Kyron she worked at Schering AG where she was globally responsible for the preparation, revision and implementation of harmonized global electronic datasheets for listedness labeling determination. She also provided quality assurance services as well as prepared and delivered drug safety training internationally. Before that she worked as a consultant where she was one of the few pioneers of the growing effort of MedDRA implementation and maximization that expanded to include the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Her clinical trial experience included work at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC, Kunitz Association in Rockville, MD, and Jefferson Hospital in Alexandria, VA.

As a natural progression of her carrier she focused more on Medical Analysis of clinical and safety data for products in many therapeutic areas. These included Hematology/Oncology, Endocrinology, Women’s Health, Hepatology, Radiology, and Neurosciences. Based on personal and professional interest and time invested she has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge of the pragmatics and strategies of medical assessment as relates to single cases as well as cumulative data.

Kyron works with a team of subject matter experts who pride themselves on well over 20 years of industry experience on four continents in a number of areas that are key to effectively managing the benefit risk balance throughout the product life cycle. These areas include but not limited to:

•Clinical Pharmacology
•Data Retrieval and Analysis
•Medical Assessment techniques
•Risk Evaluation and Risk Communication
•Workflow design and management
•Pharmacovigilance software systems
•Applicable US and International regulations and guidance documents

Our Name and Logo
Kyron LogoThe company was named after Chiron (or Cheiron) who was the superlative centaur in Greek mythology. Unlike other centaurs, Chiron was intelligent, civilized, and considerate in nature. He was a great healer and an exemplar of learning and wisdom with a gift and passion for leading his pupils to achieving their highest potential. He tutored many of the legendary Greek heroes including Achilles, Theseus, and Heracles. He also taught medicine to Asclepius who is known as the God of Medicine and Healing. Chiron’s nobility was further accentuated when he selflessly gave up his immortality to enable Prometheus to obtain the use of fire.